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I now have a blog that you can read. I write about lots of things and post videos too.  I am working on filming some videos of me talking and showing an angel or tarot card and talking about it on here, or a video on meditation.  This is a work in progress so be patient and until then read my blog.


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You can ask me with a one question email reading. I will need your birth information month/day/year/time and place of birth. If you order a 3 question email reading we can go into it a little deeper.  If you really want an in depth reading you can order one of my longer ones or a chat with me on the phone or in a chat room.  We are all feeling this, so it would be helpful to learn how you can help yourself through this exciting and possibly challenging time.   If you need help with this, email me at Jeanmaurie@angelsloveyou.com  or purchase one of my readings.  I offer a one question reading or three question reading along with some more detailed, inspirational and in depth readings.

Have you heard about EFT - Emotional Healing Technique? I was very skeptical when I first heard of it and thought "this isn't going to work" but I persevered and by gosh it does work.  You can find a lot of information here or check out the group I belong to below.

I belong to Thriving Now, an EFT (emotional Freedom Technique) site where we get to listen and talk in at least 4 group phone sessions a week and tap along. (There is a lot of free material here too and you can sign up for a free newsletter.) EFT helps release traumas from the past that have gotten stuck in our emotions/ bodies. When we were children and could not fight back or flee, the traumas got frozen or stuck. These traumas didn't have to be huge ones like abuse or car accidents, they could be as small as a teacher criticizing you at show and tell.  Or a parent who told you constantly to be a brave little girl or boy and you weren't allowed to feel your emotions.  There are many ways little children experience trauma and big people too. That is why Tapping is so healing.  I am so blessed to have discovered it to help me heal my inner wound. Someone once told me that a person could be so filled with traumas and fears that there was no room for them to be themselves.  Creativity can be stifled too and releasing the stuck places can free up love, creativity, joy, prosperity and just plain loving life.  I have been a member of Thriving now for over a year and I am more relaxed, more creative and filled with more love for myself than I ever thought possible.  I have learned to take baby steps to achieve goals.  I used to struggle with myself about why weren't things different, why was I so tense, why wasn't I succeeding like I should have been using the Law of Attraction.   Now I know it is because I didn't really believe that I was good enough, that I didn't deserve.  Working with EFT I've released much of the feelings that I don't deserve.  I have opened myself up to loving myself and my heart is open to receive. 





Yes we are going through some challenging times but these are all about endings and new beginnings.  Believe me, the best is yet to come!  Keep believing that the best is yet to come because really we "ain't seen nothing yet."  Imagine the new sources of energy that we are going to be using. Imagine internet access in areas where there have been none. Imagine health care for everyone. These are all possible.  We are going through a purging, getting rid of the greed and the dishonesty. We are on our way to a better world. You are part of this new world. You pleaded with your Guides to be able to be here at this momentous time. So don't run scared. Embrace the possibilities.  You are part of the wholeness.

Oh each new month with the new energy there are new ideas, new ways of letting go of fears, new ways to become more prosperous! We still have a lot to be thankful for despite the stock market and housing slump.  Did you know that giving thanks is another way of opening ourselves up to more abundance? When we give thanks we aren't focusing on what we don't have.  Instead we stay in grateful energy which opens us up to even more to be grateful for.  If you've ever read any of Esther and Jerry Hick's books about Money and the Law of Attraction, this is one way they say we can be open to receive.  You could start writing in a gratitude journal every day, giving thanks for everything you have whether it is waking up free of pain, thankful for your eyesight, for being able to turn on your computer and being in touch with your online community to the smallest of blessings.  A good night sleep, a warm bed, friends, food, your hobbies ... when you start writing you'll find a gazillion things to be thankful for.  And as you discover more, more will come to you in many ways. Give it a try!









In the book Everyday Wisdom for Success,  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer writes: "Why not look at your entire life as the unfolding of a plan you participated in before your arrived here (on earth)? By doing so, you'll shift from blaming others and circumstances to being responsible and feeling your purpose."  Interesting thought isn't it? I know we always want to say "It's their fault I can't succeed,"  or "My mother treated me mean so I don't have any self confidence."  And so on.

The angel message is still good to remember because indeed they ARE there for us. We have arch angels we can call on and our Guardian angels too.  We have loved ones who've gone on the journey before us who can help us.  We are never alone.  Angels come in many forms too, so ask for your sign and be ready for your answers.  They WILL come...

Here is a powerful angel message !  "As we angels peer into your future, we see many fulfilling, happy and meaningful moments in store for you. You have a number of alternative paths available to you, including experiences with varying degrees of learning. You can guide yourself to the happiest course by staying in constant contact with us (your angels), giving us steady permission to assist you with everything.  We even find good parking places for you if you will only ask ahead of time but give us a few minutes.  Breathe easier, relax and let down your guard, because your future is safe. We won't disappoint you."  Wow, nice, huh?  If you want help on learning how to contact your angels write to me or order a one question email reading and I can help you.  I just asked the angels for a message for this month and opened Doreen Virtue's book, Daily Guidance from your angels at random knowing the right message would be there.  There it was, Create a Dream Board, exactly what I mentioned earlier.  This is confirmation that it is important.  Your affirmation for this month is: "I create a dream board, pasting together a collage of my wishes and seeing them fit perfectly together.  I now envision my desires as a reality.  Thank you God and my angels for _________." So I decided to leave last month's angel message up because you will have happy, fulfilling, and meaningful moments as you have fun creating your wish board and seeing your wishes come into manifestation.   
If you need help on learning how to let your angels help you and if you need help being inspired, just write to me at jeanmaurie@angelsloveyou.com or visit me at www.angelsloveyou.com

Birthdays are good times to get readings.  If you are stuck on what to give a friend or relative, a reading is a good gift.  My readings go from one question to a full sixty minutes, email readings and phone readings. You can browse through my reading links to see what you would want for yourself (yes it is good to gift yourself too) or to give someone on your list.  I now have gift certificates available.

If you are confused about the relationship you are in now I have this really cool Lovers report that you could order. It explains the connections between you and the person you are with - does he/she love me, were we together in a past life or lives? Could we work together, do we have potential or are we just friends.  This is a long and detailed report showing the potential between you and the one you are interested in.  You can order it HERE Scroll down to Discover the secrets of your love life. Here is a sample of the the reading:

"This is one of those 'love at first sight' connections that is responsible for many successful marriages and friendships. This connection tells us that Andrea and Tom have shared some past lives together. In at least one of those lives, they were involved in a long-term relationship into which they each had to put a lot of effort in order to maintain harmony and compatibility. In that lifetime, they developed a deep love and respect for each other, as well as trust. Now, when they meet in this lifetime, they almost immediately sense this other soul with whom they have shared so much. They may or may not actually enter into a committed relationship during this lifetime, but what matters most is that a love exists between them that was already there, which will remain forever more."

Now aren't you curious about your connections with the one you love? This is a fascinating, detailed reading that will help you understand yourself and the person you love better. This email reading works for friends too. What do you and a friend have in common?  Were you in past lives before?

Have you been doing your visualizing and writing about what you would like this year to be for you? How  it working for you? Play with this. The more you write, the more ideas will come to you. Ask your guides and angels to help you with this too.  You are never alone, and the more you communicate with your angels the more they will be able to help you. You don't have to go through life alone and lonely. "Why isn't my life working if I have angels and guides to help?" You ask.  Because God created us with the precious gift of free will, meaning we aren't puppets being pulled by strings.  So our angels aren't allowed to butt in or interfere. They have to patiently sit back and watch us fumble through life making mistakes. When we ask our angels for help,  they jump into action to help make our lives easier.  

"How do I talk to my angels," you ask.  Have you ever had an imaginary conversation in your head with someone? We all have. This is how we talk to our angels. We think about them and imagine they hear our thoughts, which they do. We pretend we believe they are listening until we really do believe.  It isn't phony, it is like rehearsing.  Famous athletes practice in their minds and visualize succeeding before they actually do it. Over and over they see themselves winning.  You are an athlete in your own life so why not practice asking your angels for help and believing they will?

"How do I know my angels are working for me, I don't hear anything?"  Angels can help us in many ways.  There is no limit to how they help.  Do you hear a song over and over on the radio? If so that is your angels saying, "listen to the words, there is a message in there for you."  Or they will put thoughts into our minds and we'll wonder "where did that idea come from?"  Angels bring people into our lives who have just the right words we need to hear.  You might get this overpowering urge to go someplace.  If so go. Why? Because this is your angel prodding you, saying there is something or someone there that you need to meet.  A book might fall off the shelf in front of you while you're standing in a book store or the library. Pay attention.  Pay attention to subtle ideas.  You may begin to see double or triple numbers on your clocks, like 4:44 or 11:11.  This is your angels nudging you to be aware and saying "Hi we're here!"  You might overhear a conversation that has the answer you've been seeking.  Angels can help you find good parking places, they can lead you to a store with just the right bargain you've been searching for.  All of the above has happened to me, so I know what I'm talking about. This is not wooie wooie stuff, it is real and when you make it your own you will begin to see wonderful changes in your life.


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I hope this newsletter finds you well and happy.   Until next month, don't forget to ask your Angels for help. Remember, they are here to help you and they love you very much.  YOU ARE LOVED :)

Angel Hugs ^I^

 Jean Maurie

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